Start a Profitable Intraday Trading Journey without spending more than 2 hours a day using my BB Formula!

Guidance in Live Market for Intraday Trading

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Now don't trade alone, we will be with you!

12 Live Trading Sessions in 1 Month

9:30 A.M-10:30 A.M

2Hrs of Intensive Webinar

600+ Traders Trained

Instructed by:

Piyush Kumar Gupta

Co-Founder at Learn FNO Trading, Futures Trader, Trading Psychology Expert, Youtube Content Creator





Returns in 21-22


Your journey to profitable Intraday trading starts here…
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Intraday Trading Aasaan hai

Who is this program for?

Aspiring Traders


Novice Traders

Full time employees / Professionals

Full time Traders

Existing Traders

Your journey to profitable Intraday trading starts here…

What will you learn in this Program?

Live Trading With Us

Knowledge and Execution, both are different things, our team will guide you in live market from 9.30-10.30am 3 days/week.


The Program will start with Grinding of your mindset, to prepare you to be able to take action in the live market without a blink.

Risk and Money Management

Most of the traders don’t focus much on this part, but after reading about the greatest traders and learning from them, I definitely know this is the holy grail of being a profitable trader.


A brief explanation on the tools we will use, why are they being used and how to use them, along with it a clear defined entry, exit points will be discussed. We will be trading equity (not fno derivatives).

Your journey to profitable trading starts here…

Can't Believe Us? Listen From Them

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Your journey to profitable trading starts here…

Imagine for a moment what life would be like if you could do

  • Emotionless system-based trading
  • Never be dependent on anyone else for choosing the right stock
  • Follow our system religiously to make a hefty amount of money
  • Make money consistently from the market.
  • Be able to trade in both up and down trend

Would that get you excited?
Well, now you don't have to imagine!

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