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Master Trader & Trainer to 800+ Profitable Traders Reveals

The Secret 10-Minutes Swing & Positional Trading Strategy that Helped Him Create Over 19 Lakhs Profit in FY 22-23 & How You Can Use the Same to Stop Bleeding Money & Start Boosting Your Trading Profits for Real

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3 Hour Intensive Training On Swing & Positional Trading Strategy

Discover the Most Effective & Easy to Implement Strategy to Not Only Trade Profitably But Finally Keep More of What You Make

India's Leading Trading Success Coach

Piyush is the co-founder, and trainer at Learn FNO Trading. He has an experience of over 5 years in the stock market in both investing and trading. Piyush has trained more than 800 Working Professionals and Busineesman and holds expertise in futures trading. He will be sharing with you the skills and knowledge he has acquired while growing his capital to 36 Lakhs in 2 years through trading. He is a 5 times winner of the Zerodha 60 days challenge.

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This Breakthrough Webinar Is For You, If You’re..


Just Getting Started

You’re a novice trader who don’t know how to proceed in the market
You’re busy with office work/business and can’t give time in the market
You have capital but not confident enough to invest a huge capital
You want to make active money with passive time & effort
You can’t do analysis on daily basis or learn overly technical jargon


Sick Of Losing And Want Expert Guidance

You’re in the market for more than a year and you’re still not profitable
You keep on making and losing money despite what you try
You want to learn what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it
You want to have a proven trading plan for any market – up, down, or sideways
You’re looking for strategies that truly fit your needs, and learn to master them


Already Killing It, But Want To Up Your Game

You want to learn techniques & strategies the pros use to hunt for breakouts
You don’t need to be dependent on  anybody else for choosing the right stock
You want to develop practical knowledge of equity and expand your trading toolbox
You want to see how top floor traders run their portfolios
You need a system that requires least amount of screen on time

Then This Intensive Webinar Will Help You Experience All That And So Much More

This is your opportunity to:

Hurry Up Before We Raise the Price to Rs.1999

Here’s How Our Happy Traders Started Making Profits in Trading By Making 60-80% Sure Returns Even if They Have Suffered Huge Losses Earlier

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Follow This Proven Strategy Spending 10 Minutes a Day For Long Term Wealth Creation

Master the Basics of Stock Market

Learn Entry & Exit in Trading Faster

Take Action in the Live Market Without a Blink

Become a Pro in Risk & Money Management

Get the Tools to Make Consistent Returns

Make Profits With Low & High Capital

Never Tried Trading Before?

No Problem. Even Working Professionals and Businessmen make 60% returns in trading using our proven strategy!

Hurry Up Before We Raise the Price to Rs.1999

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Hurry Up Before We Raise the Price to Rs.1999

Learn From the trainer who himself trade in the market

Since Past 2 Years, Piyush has been sharing his daily Profit and Loss updates in his telegram channel, to help other learn from it and understand how real trading looks like!

So What Do You Choose Now?

A Trading Journey Of Consistent Losses & Desperation?
Or An Opportunity To Make Consistent 60-80% Profits Spending Just 10 Minutes A Day?

Hurry Up Before We Raise the Price to Rs.1999

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